Rates in nature reserve volcano Mombacho

Rates in nature reserve volcano Mombacho

Description Rates
National Children walk $2.00
Foreign walk children $4.00
National transport children $4.00
Foreign children transport $10.00
National walk adults $4.00
Nationals transport $8.00
Foreign walk $5.00
Foreign adults with transportation $20.00
Right to Camping
(Visitor brings his tent, the price is per store)
Access 4×4 $22.00
National Adult Passenger 4×4 $3.00
National Child Passenger 4×4 $2.00
Adult stranger Passenger 4×4 $5.00
Kid stranger Passenger 4×4 $3.00

These costs must be canceled in the Mombacho Ticket or deposited in the following accounts:

Account in Córdobas
Account in dollars

All to the name of: Cocibolca Foundation

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