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Your support is very important to complement the activities of research, environmental education and conservation carried out in the reserve. All contributions will be invested in the following activities


Monitoring program for resident and migratory birds, as well as monitoring of the endemic salamander of the Mombacho. These are monitored twice a month during all months of the year. The ringing of birds allows to control the health status and reproductive periods of resident and migratory birds. During the night you will find all the Mambacho salamanders around the trails and see trends throughout the month. Everyone can participate in this activity and is a good tool for environmental education for children and the general public.

Prevention and combat of forest fires. The reserve area to be covered is very extensive, and in the summer months, fires are not only a danger to wild flora and fauna, but also to rural communities living in high-vulnerability areas.

Visit of rural schools and workshops with teachers of the Mombacho. The Cocibolca Foundation works with 12 schools bordering the area which agglomerate more than 2000 students and faculty in scheduled visits and training talks to teachers.

Reforestation activities. Every year together with students, communities, and civilians in general, reforestations are carried out along rivers as well as in areas affected by fires.

All donations (large or small) will be recognized on the website of the Mombacho

The following bank accounts are listed below. In the description you can put DONATION.

Cuenta en Dolares

Donations from the United States of America

To contribute specifically with the bird banding program (Mosi), use this international banking route which is connected to our bank account in Nicaragua. You may want to add a subject for your donation, so you can put Mosi or bird monitoring.

How to wire money into your account (information for incoming wire only)

100 S. E. 2nd Street,
Miami, Fla. 33131
AB1A 026 009 593 (for domestic transfers)
Swift: BOFAUS3N (for international transfers)
For credit to account number 1901621325 in the name of Banco de America Central (Swift BAMCNIMA)
For further credit to: Fundación Nicaraguense para la Conservación (Client name)
Account number: 000-300-954 (Client account number)

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