Visitor Information


Clothing Suitable to go to the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve

The wardrobe: dress simply and comfortably. Wide trousers that allow to move the legs with ease and shirts or shirts of cotton that allow to sweat without difficulty.

Footwear: This should be comfortable. Some sports shoes.


The entrance to the reserve is at the foot of the volcano. From there, you can take a truck that climbs to the top 4 times a day. It is also possible to bring your own vehicle, but it has to be a 4X4, the driver must have experience driving uphill.

The Mombacho is located at a junction called El Guanacaste, in the kilometer
50 of the road that goes from Granada to Nandaime. You can take a bus
Granada or Nandaime, or from Managua to one of these two cities and then to the junction.

Taxis also know how to find the place. The crossing is about two kilometers to the entrance of the reserve, thus saving time anyway if you take a taxi from the crossing to the entrance.

When you drive your own vehicle, you will see the signs on the road from Granada to Nandaime. If you are coming from Managua, take the road to Masaya, pass Masaya until the Roundabout of Las Flores, and turn right there. You will pass through the city of Catarina; Continue driving to the junction of Guanacaste, you will see the Mombacho right in front of you. When you reach that stop, turn left and then you will see the signs NATURAL RESERVE VOLCAN MOMBACHO (RNVM)


Once canceled the reservation in the Bank to have printed the Minutes of deposit and present it in the Ticket of RNVM.

Be half an hour before the departure time of ECO-MOBILE

Customers who visit the Mombacho are advised to call the Volcán Mombacho Natural Reserve at Telephone number 2552-5858, for any additional information


The client has to reserve and pay in advance, at least 1 week before the date of the event, if not, the 10% surcharge will be charged on the requested service.