Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve

Center of education for Nature

Objective: Contribute to the understanding and protection of Nicaragua’s natural resources

Addressed to: Biologists, ecologists, teachers, students of pre and postgraduate environmental careers, rural guides of nature, tourist promoters, managers of natural areas, others.

Location: Biological Station of the Natural Reserve Mombacho Volcano (1,140 msnm)

Areas for Field Practices: Ecological and Archaeological Corridor Apoyo-Mombacho-Zapatera.

The Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve and surrounding areas is a great green classroom for its many ecosystems, some of which are unique in Nicaragua, which is ideal for developing educational talks or workshops. The most outstanding biological value of the protected area is the protection of the unique cloud forest and dwarf forest in the Pacific of Nicaragua that function as biological islands that maintain a unique assembly of many endemic species such as the Mombacho (Bolitoglossa mombachoensis) salamander, The orchid (Maxillaria mombachoensis) and more than 10 species of endemic insects, as well as many other species unique to these unique ecosystems in the Pacific of Nicaragua.

Outside the protected area, several important habitats such as Dry Forest, Riparian Forest, rivers, lakes and thermal lagoons, as well as Coffee, Cacao, among other agricultural systems and archaeological sites of international relevance are located in the buffer zone. Around the Mombacho you will find three protected areas: Laguna de Apoyo Natural Reserve, Lagunas de Mecatepe-Río Manares Nature Reserve and Zapateras Archipelago National Park. This geographical area has been called the Apoyo-Mombacho-Zapatera Biological and Archaeological Corridor (CBA AMZ), comprised of private owners and rural cooperatives in which Fundación Cocibolca has been working to develop a scientific tourism, becoming a suitable area to interact with Nature and know about the functioning of ecosystems and plant-animal interactions. This corridor presents 290 sp. Of birds of which 80 sp. Are migratory, 19 sp. Of amphibians, 46 sp. Of reptiles, 126 sp. Of mammals, 32 sp. Of fish, more than 750 sp of vascular plants and approximately more than 30,00 species of insects, among these 150 species of Butterflies.

Área de Mombacho

At 1,140 msnm, within the protected area of Mombacho is a biological station amid the exuberance of the cloud forest that serves as a shelter for researchers and ecotourists. The station has basic services of electricity, water, internet and hostel for 15 people. This will be the center of operations, making field trips to the different places of the CBA.

The talks and workshops are given by educational researchers with more than 15 years of experience on biodiversity in Nicaragua.

Two modalities are presented below: Eco Talks and Specialized Workshops. An average group of 12 people per module is estimated.

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For any information about the workshops contact:

José M. Zolotoff-Pallais- Director of Research and Training,, Phone: (505) 2222-4042, Cel: 88607453.