They bind humans with birds to protect them

They bind humans with birds to protect them

Teachers from rural schools in communities around the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve, through cooperative games, group dynamics and talks, learned about the natural history of birds, with the objective of developing educational programs with their students.

During the recent training session, the 32 teachers from the northern sector of the Reserve lived through role plays, the different threats to birds, the impact of human actions for their survival, reproduction And some phenomena such as migration, so that beyond theory, learning becomes practical. This workshop, which is the third to be taught to this group of teachers, aims to follow up on the process of training and environmental education that has been promoting the Cocibolca Foundation.

The initiative is based on the curriculum of the “Bird Detectives-Linking Children Through the Birds” curriculum that is designed by Cornell Ornithology Laboratory at the University in New York and consists of students and teachers Are linked to nature through birds while building a scientific knowledge for conservation. This program, which, through an agreement with the Cocibolca Foundation and with the support and supervision of the Ministry of Education, began to be implemented at the beginning of last year. Its purpose is for educators to replicate, in their classes and with their students, content aimed at protecting , Valuing and conserving the birds.

José Manuel Zolotoff, director of research and training at the Cocibolca Foundation, said that each of the schools was given a set of six different types of materials to use as a didactic resource in their classes. He added that among the materials are the Bingo of birds, which is a kind of lottery that is played in the field, and consists of the search for species; And whoever completes the series first wins; Another of the materials is the card game, The Surviving Birds, which consists of several cards that indicate actions oriented towards survival. It should be noted that each teacher was also given a program manual with which they can be guided during their activities.

One of the results of the workshop is that from the third week of August to October, in each school activities will be carried out with the birds, linking them with the classes and mainly with children who participate. Zolotoff said that soon they will realize the second workshop with the group of teachers of the sector south, until completing the round with all the educative centers.

During 2016 and so far in 2017, Fundación Cocibolca has carried out five training and environmental education workshops in which 91 teachers from 12 rural schools, located in the surrounding communities, participated, among them, Caña de Castilla, The Brooms, Red Post and Miravalle.

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