Bird Photograph Contest 2017

Press release for the lovers of birds photography

With this release of the Fundación Cocibolca, we want to encourage them to participate in the second contest of photography of birds of NICARAGUA in the framework of the 3er international FESTIVAL of birds of NICARAGUA to be held in Grenada from 17 to 19 November 2017, being photo contest the 18. The agenda of the festival will soon be published.

The product of the first competition is a traveling exhibition of photographs of birds in the country which has been presented at more than 10 times, in San Rafael de el Norte, Masaya, Villa del Carmen (reserve wildlife private Quelantaro), Estelí (Autonomous University of Nicaragua), Managua (Centro Cultural Pablo Antonio Cuadra), San Carlos (Comarca of Los Guatuzos), Masatepe (Foundation Luisa market) and Mexico (Costa Rica) and has received more than 2500 visitors always in teaching activities for the promotion of the conservation of nature, birds, love poetry and the tourism of bird watching.

This time the contest has a double purpose: to publicize and promote popular bird-watching in the country to promote the national and international bird watching and enrich the existing photographic collection.

The competition features

On this occasion the competition has two categories:

  1. New birds for exhibition (the catalogue of the exhibition will be available from the website of the Fundación Cocibolca) images of species:
    1. They are not currently part of the exhibition
    2. Part of the exhibition, but photography exposure was not carried out in Nicaragua (in the text accompanying the picture indicated where it was)
    3. Show specimens with plumage different from those available in the exhibition (differences of gender, age or reproductive period and not reproductive).
    4. Now form part of the exhibition, but the picture presented is clearly better than the current.
  2. Gestures and behaviors . Images of one or more copies of one or several species showing habits, expressions and movements, such as scenes of hunting, fishing, courtship, fighting, grooming or others. You can also take screenshots of “birds of my community” highlighting the social interaction of this taxon and Nicaraguan families.


Open to people of any nationality who have photographs made in Nicaragua, which are your property and have not yet been published or awarded earlier.

Two groups of participants will be differentiated: 1) young (up to 18 years) and 2) adults (older than 18).

Immediate family members (spouses, children, father or mother) of the people who make up the jury are excluded from the contest.

The winners of three prizes of the jury of the first contest of photographs of birds of Nicaragua will not compete in the category 1 “new birds for the exhibition”.

Each participant may submit up to 10 photos in each category. Not the same photograph to the two categories will be presented.

Requirements that have to meet photographs

  • They are photographs made in Nicaragua
  • They must be sent in JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi without text or watermarks.
  • Not be accepted digitally manipulated photographs, or turns of color, cloning, photo montages, or all that alteration that changes the picture as it was carried out. Not be understood as handling the mask approach, clipping, saturation and levels adjustments andother adjustments in the digital development.

Photographs shall not be subject to any payment for their reproduction.

Required information (soon you can access the form on the web site of the Fundación Cocibolca)

For each participant:

  • Name of the author
  • E-mail contact
  • Age and ID card to participate in the youth group

Each photograph:

  • Scientific name of the bird. You can either consult the list of scientific names of birds of Nicaragua from the website of the Fundación Cocibolca (coming soon) or consult the database of the American Ornithological Society in:
  • Soon you will be detailing shape of sent photographs
  • Who need help to ID can send the image to Liliana Chavarría
  • Place where was taken the picture including whenever possible:
    • Comarca, locality, reserve or farm (A list of localities, reserves and properties of ornithological interest can be consulted on the website of the Cocibolca Foundation)
    • Municipality
    • Department.
  • For category 2 “gestures and behaviors” the contestant will add the name that you want to give the picture.

Shipping, selection process and scores of photographs

The period for receipt of photographs will end on September 15 (soon will receive information on how to send through the website of the Fundación Cocibolca)

The selection process will have two stages: 1) photo quality and 2) confirmation of the identification of the species and scores of ornithological interest. You will be at each stage with experienced professionals in the field concerned.

The best rated photos will be reproduced and will be showcased at the 3er International Festival of birds of Nicaragua.

A jury made up of photographers, birdwatchers and experts in natural areas and tourism will rate the selected photographs. A maximum of 12 photos, 3 awards for each category and age group. Awards will be published shortly on the website of the Fundación Cocibolca.

We hope that they dare to participate, fine-tune your camera and go out to the field to capture the best images. Please disseminate this call among your friends who like the bird photography.

For more information contact José Antonio Mántica Cabrera

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