Award for Collaborator of the Month

Award for Collaborator of the Month

Fundación Cocibolca recognizes the commitment of its collaborators in the Mombacho Volcanic Natural Reserve

Two young women, Estela Hondoy and Meyling Pérez, committed to the conservation of nature and interested in attending with quality to the visitors to the Volcán Mombacho Natural Reserve, were awarded as the best guide and the best administrative collaborator of the month respectively. He also was awarded as the best ranger, Larry Muñoz.

During an assembly held this Monday, July 24, in which the rangers, guides and administrative and technical personnel of the Cocibolca Foundation participated, the organization’s operations director, Guillermo Arguello, announced the names of the collaborators of the month, Who are chosen taking into account different criteria, such as punctuality, willingness to collaborate, quality of care for visitors and commitment to nature, among others.

This award, which is held for the second time and includes an economic incentive for each of the winners, in addition to placing their photograph in the Biological Station of the Reserve and in the reception area, is part of the actions of the strengthening program Institutional and organizational communication promoted by the Cocibolca Foundation with its staff.

“With this recognition, we want to value the efforts of our collaborators and encourage them so that each day we seek quality in the service to the visitor,” said Arguello. Likewise, he added that he hoped to serve as a stimulus for the other collaborators whom he urged to work to be the next winners of the month.

In the first edition of this award, held the previous month, were winners, Carmen Lezama as the best guide and Manuel Hondoy as the best ranger.

As part of the activity, Arguello also gave a talk on customer service, non-verbal communication, quality of services and punctuality, among other topics. He emphasized that for the Foundation the protection of the protected area and the quality of attention to visitors is fundamental and that all must be in function to fulfill these commitments.

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