About us

Cocibolca Foundation Nicaragua

The Cocibolca Foundation is a non-profit Nicaraguan organization whose purpose is to support and promote the establishment, consolidation, protection and management of a national conservation system in Nicaragua and areas that, due to their characteristics, present samples of their particular ecosystems or Species of interest. Founded in 1994, Fundación Cocibolca has been consolidating 3 programs that have become the core of the institutional task: Environmental Education, Monitoring and Protection, and Research.

Mission of Cocibolca Foundation

Protect the biodiversity of the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve and its buffer zone, managing them efficiently and with scientific criteria of sustainability, fostering research and environmental education and, as part of this, give careful attention to the visitors of the reserve, to Enrich their experiences, developing and strengthening their interest in the protection of natural resources.

Vision of Cocibolca Foundation

To be the leading organization in the management of natural reserves in Nicaragua, promoting a sustainable conservation model, focused on the protection of natural resources, continuous research on biodiversity conservation and its biological behavior, and promoting awareness of conservation and Maintain natural reserves through environmental education and training at all levels of society, especially children.

Fundación Cocibolca’s values

  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Professionalism